Other subnational flags - small GIFs

I have made a set of GIFs of  Flags, all of the same format, to be used on Web pages.

These flags are as correct as possible within the small format (36 x 54 pixels), with two main exceptions :

You are free to use these flags on your site, but please put a reference on your page : and mail me(HermanDW@hdw.be) to tell me. That way, I can also inform you of changes.

If you need additional flags, that can be arranged.

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Autonomous Region of Bangladesh:

Belgian Regions :

Bosnian constituant parts :

Island of Brazil:

Canadian Provinces :

Island of Chile:

Colombian department:

Islands of the Comoros:

Province of Ecuador:

Region of France:

Island Groups of French Polynesia:

Regions of Georgia:

State of India

Region of Iraq:

Regions of Italy:

Regions and Islands of Japan:

States in Malaysia:

Dependency of Mauritius:

Autonomous Regions of Moldova:

Islands of New Zealand:

Portuguese Regions

Parts of the United Kingdom :

Spanish Regions :

Russian Republics

Australian dependencies :

Australian State :

United Arab Emirates :

Flags for sporting nations :

Former nation's Flags :

Sporting Federations :

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